Bug Themed Kids Learning Craft Box
Bug Themed Kids Learning Craft Box

Bug Themed Kids Learning Craft Box

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Our bug themed craft box contains everything that nippers need to enjoy captivating creepy crawlies through crafts! 

Each box includes:

x4 activity cards

x1 reusable pot of red or pink paint 

x1 reusable pot of blue paint 

x1 reusable pot of yellow paint 

x1 paintbrush - colour/design will vary 

x1 mini magnifying glass - colour will vary

x6 googly eyes 

x3 red or pink cardboard mouths

x1 white bee head template - ours is yellow for photo purposes 

x1 white bee body template - ours is yellow for photo purposes 

x7 strips of black card - in various lengths 

x10 strips of yellow card - in various lengths 

x1 medium sized natural wood slice 

x4 small natural wood slices 

x1 piece of twine - colour may vary

x1 wooden bug shape 

x1 wooden stick 

x1 wood block minibeast mansion - thickness may vary 

x1 stone - size will vary 

x1-5 bamboo canes - quantity will vary depending on size 

Double sided tape 

A selection of fun foam bug stickers 

Interesting insect facts 


The above activity cards and art and craft materials allow tots to take part in the following activities:

- Make Barnaby the minibeast magnifying glass

- Create Craig the multicoloured caterpillar 

- Make Dave the stick insect 

- Create a creepy crawly garden 

- Recreate Stan the fruit spider 

*All of our boxes contain natural and recycled craft materials which means that some minor imperfections may be visible e.g. some wood slices still have bits of tree bark attached, sticks are strange in shape (and may have mini holes!) and shells can sometimes come with barnacles!